Learn Fantasy Glow Effects / with colored pencils

How would you like to make your coloring pages or drawings look like they actually glow?!

Now you can!

My new 6.5-hour intensive art course on Fantasy Glow Effects will light up your colored pencil work forever.


The course is divided into four sections: bioluminescence, potions, lanterns, and fairies, to cover all of your glow effect needs.

Each of the four lessons consists of several bite-sized video lessons covering shading technique, color selection, and offering three separate demos.

I am a firm believer in arming my students with skills to approach all kinds of coloring in a given category, rather than just showing you how to color along with me.

The students who have already go through this course are doing just that. I see my coloring technique light up different pages by various artists, and it’s the best reward a teacher can ask for.

I can’t wait to share my secrets with you as well.

See you in class!

Fantastic Familiars Vol2

The flip-through for this book is a video flip-though. Please follow this link and enjoy the show.

Fantastic Familiars Vol2 video flip-through

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Nights And Mares CIRCUS flip-through

Click on the picture for a video flip-through

This is the first book that I have available in two edition – the standard black and white version, and the special color edition, where each page with shading actually comes with bright and colorful backgrounds for the colorist that wants to focus on the characters only.

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