How I paint digitally

As a followup to one of my recent articles, I have been asked to write more in depth about my personal digital painting process. This is not a tutorial or a step by step guide on how to create the same image that I am about to share to with you. I cannot tell you which software to purchase, or recommend one drawing tablet over another, nor can I insist on order of operations. Creating art is a very personal process and is unique to every individual. I can, however, share with you some of my own secrets and perhaps they will inspire you to try new techniques or even new drawing platforms.

My Setup

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The Four Realms flip-through (blank vs colored)

The Four Realms is my first published coloring book for adults. It is a carefully crafted wonderland of highly detailed illustrations that make up a deck of playing cards. Each suit is a separate kingdom with it’s own style and theme –┬áThe Land of the Undead, the Ticky Tocky Kingdom, the Rabid Rabbit Circus, and the Enchanted Woodlands. As you travel through each kingdom, you will meet fantastic and surreal characters and help bring color to their world. Each face card is reversible, revealing the character’s true nature. The Aces are the most detailed and challenging cards to color, and the two Jokers are anything but traditional. So, without further ado, I invite to take a stroll through my magical realms, and also to view each of the pages already colored by various creative colorists.

This book is available in print on Amazon and as a PDF download on ETSY.

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