Swing by and check out some free preview videos to get a taste of how I teach and the magical art effects you will master after each course.

My students graduate transformed and armed with new skills that they apply to other art forms and subjects.


The courses I’ve taken have improved my skills tremendously. I went from straight coloring to being able to color more real life. Lisa’s a great teacher, very simply explaining things, which is extraordinary in my experiences.
– Karen S.

I’m a finecky demanding student, good art courses are a rare pearl. Amazingly Lisa has managed it every single time. Quality lessons, material, presentation and all. Added bonus – a teacher that’s actually pushes you Not to buy new expensive sets, likes answering questions, and is always around. Another major plus – students support, fun and invaluable you really are part of a community.
-Segolene H.

Every course has been high quality, educational, supportive, and so much fun!
– Bulma K.

How To Use Colored Pencils Like A Pro was life changing! An absolute must if you are an aspiring artist. Lisa is an exceptional teacher, her classes are built and organized in a way that promotes learning through application. The production quality of the lessons is top notch.
– Linda H.

I have taken all of the courses to date. The reason is Lisa’s teaching techniques are fun, easy to follow, and you will learn so much and become a better and confident colorist.
– Stacey B.

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I offer a variety of university-level art and coloring courses on Udemy. 
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In addition to courses that have a beginning and an end, I also offer a subscription plan called The Coloring Club on Patreon.

I teach fun subjects like transparent wine glasses, water reflections, undead skin and bone effects, and whatever else my members vote on.

As in all of my teaching, I draw coloring pages specifically for each lesson. 

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