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Do you like to sketch, doodle, and draw? Would you like to mingle with other doodlers, and learn from a professional artist along the way? Great!
Join The Doodle Club.


The DOODLE CLUB is a monthly subscription to a virtual classroom, with friendly peers who share a passion for drawing and learning, hosted by yours truly, Lisa Mitrokhin, in my rapidly growing private community TALM (a Mighty Networks community)

Every month in Doodle Club I share a newly recorded drawing video, with emphasis on free-hand technique. My pre-med background and general obsession with anatomy allows me to dive deeper into the structure of my subjects and explain WHY something looks the way that it does, rather than only presenting a set of step-by step instructions. When I teach how to draw big cats, for instance, I want my students to be able to draw ALL big cats in any situation, not just to be able to copy one of my drawings.

Video lessons are recorded and uploaded for students to watch as webinars on their own time; all the written material (about drawing tools, terminology, studio set-up, and professional lighting) is always accessible; and you decide your level of club involvement. In my experience teaching art courses, the most successful students are those who share a lot of their sketches, ask questions, and interact with other students. This is YOUR club. You will get as much benefit out of it as you wish.

A sample of what you’ll see in the Course Material section. Each lesson in the section can be expanded for a longer read.


Absolutely! You are welcome, you’ll have a great time and learn a lot. In my lessons, I focus on approach above technique. This is a place to learn to let go, to loosen up your hand, and to learn to see objects and subjects in a different light, which will allow you to draw more freely on your own. This is a great place to get started if you don’t have much experience.

You will see noticeable improvement every month. The longer you stay, the more you will learn.


It depends on how advanced and how comfortable you are. Are you a pro who can draw anything, free-hand, and then perfect it to look photorealistic? If so, you probably already know everything I teach here.

If however, you draw often and you draw well, but your proportion on animals just seem off, or your portraits don’t really resemble their real-life models, or you would like learn to be able to draw more without the aid of photography or relying on tracing – THIS CLUB IS FOR YOU.


The Doodle Club is one of the many art courses that I offer in my private community TALM, hosted by Mighty Networks. You have to be a member of TALM to participate in any of my courses. Joining TALM is free, and in itself offers a beautiful and friendly learning environment. So come on in regardless. Everyone’s welcome.

Unlike my other courses, which all have a beginning and an end, The Doodle Club is unique in that it runs forever. It’s like an art magazine subscription. You can join at any time, and leave at any time.

This is why The Doodle Club is offered on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Click on the JOIN button below to view the plans. If you’re not already a TALM member, you will be guided through how to sign up before you can see course plans.

I’ll see you there!

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