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TALM Greatest Hits flip-through

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This book is dedicated to all the amazing and inspiring colorists of my coloring group TALM. Many of the images in this volume I have drawn specifically for you guys, for our coloring events; some are your favorites from the 4-page sets that I have released over the years; some are gifts; some are commissions; and some are surprises. There are even four representatives of my four separately published books. There is a page here from The Four Realms, one from My Merry Go Mind, one from Fantastic Familiars, and one from Nights And Mares (Femme Macabre). I composed this volume to be a collection of the best representations of all my line art work to date. Being that, it makes for an excellent gift to someone who has not yet been introduced to the art of Lisa Mitrokhin. For those of you who already own some or all of my works, this is more of a collector’s item or a curiosity. Some of the pages in this book are no longer available anywhere else.

The gorgeous cover art of this book is a pencil coloring done by one of our members, a friend and brilliant artist, Natalie Tame. The colorings featured in this article were done by Natascha Mosthaf, Sam Twigger, Mary Vlaar, Kieth Spurlin, Laurie Gregory, Katherine Dattilo, Miranda Lit, Susan Petersen, Pat Armstrong, Amy Jalbert, Anna Rimskaja, Israel Ontiveros, Leatha Loftis, and yours truly.

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I enjoy seeing all of your incredible colorings. Keep up the good work, and happy coloring.

This book is available in print on Amazon and as a PDF download on ETSY.







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