Who am I?

Your personal illustrator

‚ÄčI began drawing at the age of three and have not stopped since. Over the following three decades I continued practicing and evolving my art, expanding it to other media like oil painting, doll making, taxidermy, and digital drawing and painting. In my early twenties, I became an exclusive tattoo artist and a commission painter and illustrator. By early thirties, I’ve acquired a significant following and a loyal client base and began producing work for publication.

I have several adult coloring books already published, and several more are in production. I am currently working on a graphic novel, partnered up with a very talented digital painter. While working on my books I take on side projects, like book cover art for novelists, banner art for websites, T-shirt design, logo design, human and pet portraits, commission fantasy art design.

No matter what medium I work in, I give each client the individual care and attention that they deserve. I take the time to get to know my clients, to really pick their brains and get the deep subconscious drive behind their project. My job is to extract ideas from your mind and to make them visible to others.

While I have clear and recognizable technical skill and a tone that is obviously mine when working on a commission piece my style is YOUR style. You already have a vision for your project. You just need a messenger to translate it into the language of art. That is where I come in. A personal illustrator of YOUR ideas.

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