Who am I?

An artist’s biography

I am the girl with blue hair who perceives the world she lives in as she creates it.

I made my first drawing when I was three years old. I used a piece of cardboard or maybe the back of a folder that I found in my mom’s desk. I drew my favorite thing in the world – a dog. I tried to make the dog look realistic and appear to be walking. I am sure that it looked nothing like a proportional three-dimensional animal in motion, but it got my parents’ attention. Since then they showered me with art supplies and encouraged my doodles. I was a sickly child and spent a lot of time home in bed, so I had plenty of opportunities to draw. I drew everything, every available moment of every day.

Fast forward three decades. I still draw on a daily basis, but along the way, I acquired a few extra tools and a few extra skills. Of course, like any creative spirit, I am always learning and always improving. Being an artist is not a goal, it is a never-ending journey. In my teens, I began oil painting, inspired by the Renaissance legends in my art books. In my early twenties, I became an exclusive tattoo artist, designing and inking customized tattoos for select clients. By mid-thirties I discovered the magic of illustration and adult coloring books and began releasing my own published works. Simultaneously I’ve learned the craft of toy making, art restoration,┬átaxidermy, and digital painting.

I create the world that I exist in, shaping it around myself to suit my needs, likes, and desires. If I don’t like something, I change it. If I can’t find something, I make it. I’ve taught myself how to sew my own dresses and corsets because I could never find the clothes that I imagine myself wearing in stores. I cut and color my own hair because I can’t be bothered to put that responsibility onto someone else. I ink my own tattoo designs onto my own skin. I prefer to grow the food that I eat, and raise the friends whose company I enjoy – dogs. My life is truly my own.

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