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What’s your favorite movie?

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I love movies, especially fantasy, horror and psychological thrillers.

Recently I started on this new journey of drawing my own versions of movie posters, specific movie scenes, or individual character studies.

The ballroom scene from The Labyrinth

I spend several days dreaming up the perfect composition, then another day sketching it, and then I settle in for the drawing process. That usually takes six to ten hours.

I start with fine-liner marker pens on grey toned paper. This is the most time-consuming and precise stage. I tend to work with two kinds of grey ink rather than just black.

Then I like to add white highlights.

Finally I add color.

Pan’s Labyrinth

I design my compositions very much the way I used to designs tattoos – as complete and enclosed character collages. I guess some habits are hard to break.


In the end, each illustration is a unique, personal, and highly detailed art piece.

So, what’s your favorite movie?

Beetlejuice, portrait of Lydia Deetz

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