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Nights And Mares /Femme Macabre/ colored flip-though

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I named this book after my toy shop because many of the characters in it are based on dolls that I have created in the past. What started as a straight forward illustration project of my 3D creations quickly evolved into a celebration of female beauty and originality in a macabre style. The philosophy I am about to share with you will not make me popular with all of the readers, and that’s ok by me. I do not strive towards being a mainstream artist who sacrifices honest self expression for the dull comfort of mass acceptance.

On a day to day basis I do my best to avoid television, popular news channels and tabloid gossip. However, being actively involved in social media circles, news are difficult to avoid. What I have observed over the past year is a bizarre swing in a sociopolitical position of women from grace, pride and progress to a place of anger, malevolent accusation and bitter slander. I am ashamed to be viewed through a distorted perception prism that modern women have created for all of us. I see young women today defining their femininity by being loud and angry while pinning the victim badge on themselves every change they get, because that’s in fashion. I don’t want to generalize. I know a great deal of women who are intelligent, confident, successful, charming, and beautiful outside as well as in. Beauty comes in many forms and needs to be celebrated. I believe that young women today should be taught that its’ ok to be beautiful, that you don’t have to let your body go, or wear hideous clothes, or become a terrifying human being just to avoid potentially being viewed as a sex object. A strong woman is strong enough to be beautiful. She knows who she is and where she stands.

The female characters that I am about to share with you in this volume are not perfect, but are all beautiful in their own way. Some are solemn and some are rebels. Some are glamorous and some are plain weird. Of course the one thing they all share, as the book title suggests, is a sense of macabre, because that is what I find beautiful.

So, if you are not afraid of raw, uncensored female beauty, follow me into the Nights And Mares Femme Macabre, meet the ladies, and color your hearts out. In the following pictures you will see the bare naked line work, as well as colorings that have already been completed by some of the members of my group TALM. The colored works you are about to see are done by Kat Reynolds, Laurie Gregory, Anna Rimskaja, Leather Loftis, Natascha Mosthaf, Nancy Haarbrink, Sam Twigger, Marie McLaughlin, Flo Thewis, LaTonya Baldwin, and Luna Acevedo.

This book is available in print on Amazon and as a PDF download on ETSY.






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