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My students never cease to amaze me

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These incredible works of art are not done by professional artists, they are not done or edited by me, they are done by my students, many of whom are beginner colorists and illustrators.

From my How to Color Metals course, the golden pillbox homework.

In my “How to Color Metals” course students learn amazing tricks and techniques for creating silver, gold, and copper effects with colored pencils.

This is my best-selling course and it ends with a challenge – The Golden Cat Challenge. This is one of the submissions.

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My skin tones course produces the most amount of homework and is the most applicable to adult coloring of all kinds and styles.

From my Skin Tones course, an example of olive colored skin.
From my Skin Tones course, an example of a dark skin tone.

In my “Skin Tones course” students learn at their own speed, moving from pale skin tones, through olive and mid tones, and graduating with the trickiest one of all – the very dark skin tone. The examples shown here may look like paintings, but all the work is done with whatever pencils my students happen to have in their studio.

I teach theory, technique, and how to pick colors, not just how to copy what I do with what I use. I teach you to make art, on your own. All of my students go on and continue creating beautiful skin tone effects on pages by other coloring book artists.

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Crystals is my most technical course. If you care about the mechanics of why certain effects work on paper, this course is for you.

From my How to Draw and Color Crystals course.

In my “How to Draw and Color Crystals” course students have an option to draw their crystals from scratch, or just use my coloring guides to work with colored pencils. We do single crystals, crystal clusters, and geodes, and there’s a bonus gift for those who graduate.

Students go on to apply their crystal coloring skills to my other coloring pages.

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See you in class!

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