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Lisa’s Lovable Wildlings flip-through

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Whether you want to treat your child or your inner child, my Lovable Wildlings will provide hours of coloring fun. While I drew every character with a younger audience in mind, this book is not strictly for kids. Let’s face it, we are all kids inside. Some of us are bigger kids than others. I specifically did not assign an age group to this book because I don’t believe that such limitations apply to the world of art and coloring. Everyone who loves coloring and who loves adorable animals is welcome to enjoy this volume.

This is the first book in a series of Lisa’s animals. This one focuses on wild creatures that I have met in my real life travels. From the tiniest beetles to the tallest giraffes, all animals are equally amazing and beautiful. That is exactly what I set out to demonstrate. In these 30 pages you will meet foxes, rabbits, sloths, butterflies, jumping mice, otters, tigers, elephants, squirrels and many more lovable wildlings.

As the name suggests, Lisa – me – is an actual character in the book as well. While I do not intrude into the main animal coloring pages, I do appear several times as a line drawing in the introduction part of the book. My character is based on what I actually look like in real life, with my real hair and tail color presented on the cover. Inside the book I invite the colorists to experiment with different color combinations to bring me to life.

I am already planning other volumes of Lisa’s animals, including Lisa’s Underwater Wonders, Lisa’s Funny Farm Friends, Lisa’s Playful Pets, and a couple of other ideas. For now, I invite you to meet my Lovable Windlings.

As always, this book is available as a PDF download on ETSY, and in print on amazon.com


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