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I’m officially a Udemy instructor!

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I found that publishing your first art course is very much like publishing your first book – months of hard work and fretting over every single tiny detail, followed by several days of upload, formatting, and filling out publication forms.
Finally, you get that long awaited e-mail – “your course has been approved and is now live.”

Woo-hoo! I LOVE that feeling.

Now come the days of compulsive page refreshing to see how many new students signed up in the last 2 minutes.

For the topic of my first course I chose Drawing and Coloring Crystals, based on the feedback that I’ve been getting on my mini tutorial on crystal coloring on YouTube.

My new Udemy course consists of 34 very detailed video lessons, packed with information, and step-by step instructions and course material. It’s in three parts – single crystals, crystal clusters, and geodes. And each part even comes with a line art page for the colorists out there.

You don’t need to know how to draw to take this course, but if you already know drawing basics, these lessons will give you a nice visible boost.

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