Become a PATRON of the arts

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been working hard to customize my Patreon tiers to fit YOUR needs and desires. 


More and more of you, my followers, are serious about improving your colored pencils skills, so I’ve devised a whole new tier line-up that caters to everyone ranging from a casual colorist to a dedicated student of the arts. 

Please read the new tier benefits and descriptions and join the one that’s RIGHT FOR YOU. 

CATHEDRAL CATS is my first tier and it’s designed for adult colorists. If you enjoy coloring my pages, this is the perfect place for you because it’s centered around gift coloring pages. 

PAINTED PUPS get all the same gifts as Cathedral Cats, but they get to be more involved. I will involve you guys in polls and other methods of deciding WHICH coloring pages to gift to you and the Cats. 

FEATHER WOLVES are my oldest and most popular tier. You guys are my PACK! Awoooo…. Feather Wolves are colorists who are really serious about technique. In our private circle I share in-depth monthly video lessons that the patrons have all of 30 days to watch and practice. Every month, there’s a new topic and a new lesson.


PAPER PANTHERS! You guys are creators who may be more advanced in your coloring and drawing skills and seek more involved lessons. In this tier I offer an additional monthly lesson that is heavy on colored pencil technique, PLUS my personal chat availability for advice, feedback, and critique. In this circle, you’re welcome to follow my lessons and technique, and you’re also welcome share your own personal creations and ask for my guidance on that. 


All tiers have corresponding private circles here in TALM, where you can interact with other members of your tier and myself. 

Note that my higher tiers are capped, meaning there’s a limit on how many peple can join. That is because of that personal interaction benefit. If I stretch too thin, I can’t offer you the feedback and critique that you deserve. 


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