Come be my PATRON


Hello friends! Thank you so much for your support.

As an independent artist, I work daily to improve my content to entertain, inspire and educate. I am embarking on a new and exciting journey of video production, and I am now able to share my work process with you as if you were actually by my side in my studio. Art is very personal, and I want there to be as little barriers between us when I teach my techniques as possible.

I have a world of art-related knowledge to share. Art is my life. I began drawing at three and have been learning an evolving ever since. My classical art education, mixed with a ten-year tattoo career, seasoned with my book illustration experience, and sprinkled with commission art projects, makes me the artist that I am today – YOUR artist.

With your help, and the platform provided by Patreon, I am able to spend more time on evolving my art and tailoring it for your satisfaction and a reacher learning experience. Check out my profile, and come be my PATRON.

Lisa Mitrokhin on Patreon

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