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What IS Patreon and why it’s a great place to be?

Patreon is a great way to support your favorite independent artist while receiving amazing benefits like free coloring pages, zoom calls with the artist, having your name mentioned in a published book, private drawing lessons, exclusive live streams, and much much more. As a self-employed artist, having the support of my patrons, allows me to spend more time creating art and building the community, instead of having to work a day job. Without my patrons, I would not be able to publish books as often as I do, produce as much video content as I do, and of course just make the art that’s in my head.

To enjoy the tiers to the fullest and to connect with other members of your tier, please join my free private community TALM and sign up for a circle with a name that matches your Patreon tier. This is 100% free. You will not be paying twice. Join HERE

Join my DRAWING tiers!

These two tiers are designed especially for those of you interested in drawing.


This tier is for those who like to draw and would like some guidance and feedback. Members of this tier get access to personal live chat with me, have my honest and professional critique and art review. Additionally, members of this tier get to see tier-specific posts on art supplies and art tips. This tier is about perfecting technique without spending time or money on actual lessons.

Additional benefits apply (please read all the tier benefits on Patreon)

DOODLEBUG – $150.00

For those seriously dedicated to learning or advancing their drawing skills, this is the way to move forward. In this tier, I offer perosnally tailored private lessons. We meet once a month for a 90-minute private video call and lesson (usually valued at $400). Students of all levels are welcome. You may wish to start from scratch, or you may wish to improve your portrait drawing technique. Whatever your drawing journey is, I’m here to teach you. All lessons are recorded, and students get a nicely edited version of the lesson after we meet, for future reference to all that we do together in class.

Additional benefits apply (please read all the tier benefits on Patreon)

Check out the behind-the-scenes of a private lesson with me in this article.
Watch an interview with a DOODLEBUG student here.

Join my COLORING tiers!

My very basic, $1.00 tier welcomes every new Moon Mouse with 5 gift pages off the bat, offering additional surprise gift pages as time goes on. The Moon Mice, along with every other tier members, also get personally thanked in video credits that I roll after my YouTube tutorials and live streams.

Every tier inherits all the benefits of the previous tier, and has some new ones. The Cathedral Cats, $5.00, get access to the coloring sets published on ETSY. Members of this tier have an album that is regularly updated, with gift pages that are otherwise sold on ETSY. This is also the first tier where patrons get their names printed on a thank-you page in any upcoming published book. Cathedral Cats also get to participate in polls that decide future pubic content, and get early access videos when those are available.

The $10.00 tier inherits all the previous benefits, plus get behind-the scenes photos and videos of my art work in progress, exclusive posts on Patreon, early access and early release pages when those happen. This is the tier that gets to know me on a more personal level.

My special Wolf pack. The Feather Wolves, $25.00 per month, are a limited member tier of colorists who, in addition to all the previous benefits, gather every month for a two-hour private live-stream (called The Gathering) on the topic of their choosing. After the show, they also receive a high-definition PDF of one of the works of art that I created in the previous month. They are free to use this digital image for any personal purpose, like printing it on a t-shirt, coffee mug, pillow, or printing it on canvas like a painting. The Wolves also get to request one free book by yours truly every month. So, if you’re a Wolf and you don’t have a certain book, shoot me a message and I will send over a PDF of that entire book free of charge.

This is my top tier for colorists. $100.00 per month buys you all the previous benefits, plus a monthly private lesson on the topic of your choosing. These are one-on-one lessons, just you and me, where I teach very specific technique tailored to your art style, life style, and physical conditions.  Such lessons are valued at $300.00 outside of Patreon.

Additional benefits apply (please read all the tier benefits on Patreon)

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