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I’m a life-long, self-taught, ever self-reinventing artist, with a classical art degree. I’ve been teaching art for years both in person and online.

My students graduate transformed and armed with new skills that they apply to other art forms and subjects.

I host my Art Academy in my private art club TALM – a Mighty Networks community.




All of my courses are available in an On Demand format. 

Meaning you can join the course at any time, watch the lessons, and complete homework assignments at your own pace.

Once you join a course, the content is yours forever, as long as you remain a member of TALM.

Most of my courses are designed to take four weeks to complete, however some students are faster, and some need more time between lessons to practice.

On average, each course consists of four sections, each with fifteen to twenty short video lessons.

There’s video as well as written material, and I provide coloring pages to practice on that I draw especially for each course.


Three or four times a year I run a LIVE course. The format is the same, but you can actually join the lessons live as they happen.

The benefit of this format is that you get to ask questions in real time, live on the show.

Additionally, many creative people require structure and a deadline to remain disciplined and follow through with the whole program.

Make sure you get notifications in TALM. I announce live courses at least one month in advance.

Once a LIVE courses completes, it becomes available On Demand.


In addition to courses that have a beginning and an end, I also offer two subscription plans: The Doodle Club and The Coloring Club.

In the Doodle Club I teach how to draw free-hand, with monthly lessons and on-going discussion.

The Coloring Club follows the same format, but here I teach advanced coloring technique.

I teach fun subjects like transparent wine glasses, water reflections, undead skin and bone effects, and whatever else my members vote on.

As in all of my teaching, I draw coloring pages specifically for each lesson. 


The courses I’ve taken have improved my skills tremendously. I went from straight coloring to being able to color more real life. Lisa’s a great teacher, very simply explaining things, which is extraordinary in my experiences.
– Karen Spann

Every course has been high quality, educational, supportive, and so much fun!
– Bulma Kline

Lisa is an amazing instructor with a unique teaching style. Every course is packed with high quality information and support not only from Lisa but other students as well.
– Jessica Elwart

The Color Theory course at TALM was life changing! An absolute must if you are an aspiring artist. Lisa is an exceptional teacher, her classes are built and organized in a way that promotes learning through application. The production quality of the lessons is top notch.
– Linda Huxleyi

I have taken all of the courses at TALM academy, the reason is Lisa’s teaching techniques are fun, easy to follow, and you will learn so much and become a better and confident colorist.
– Stacey Bowling

I’m a finecky demanding student, good art courses are a rare pearl. Amazingly Lisa has managed it every single time. Quality lessons, material, presentation and all. Added bonus – a teacher that’s actually pushes you Not to buy new expensive sets, likes answering questions, and is always around. Another major plus – students support, fun and invaluable you really are part of a community.
-Segolene Dupuy-Holder

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